Website Design & Development

We can design and develop a great looking website that uses the latest technology at an affordable cost. We can build a wordpress website, Joomla or Drupal each having their advantages depending on what type of website and functionality you require.

If you have a slightly larger budget we can also build bespoke websites in php or .Net, this means we will code it from the ground up and use our own in-house CMS (content management) module for easy editing of text and images.

We can also build responsive websites especially if your potential clients, your target audience loves using mobile phones.

Graphic Design

We love good artwork that stands out and shows off a brand well and is appealing to your customers. We can design all web ready graphics so you have that inspired and good looking website.

We can also design brochures, leaflets and logo’s form RGB web ready to CMYK print ready artwork. We give our customers many revision opportunities so you can get that artwork just right and just perfect. The good news is we wont break the bank either!

Online Marketing

A website should have a focus which is commonly leads and sales, although there Organisations who want to ensure they are found and they deliver the right content to the right people. we understand this all through the process of designing and building a website.

We can provide Google management which includes search (SEO and Google AdWords), advertising on the display network, video advertising and Google places. We understand how to make Google your best friend and to harness the power to provide leads and sales with the right CPA (cost per acquisition).

We can also manage your social media from good content strategy to advertising on Facebook which has seen some amazing results. The fact of the matter is many Companies especially those who target the public can find potential clients on Facebook!

Website Hosting

It is important that website stays up to ensure it is always visible when an opportunity presents itself. Also having unreliable hosting or questionable hosting can lead to Google penalising you which will have a negative knock on effect to any Google marketing campaigns you have on the go.

We can provide good secure hosting with email and technical support, the servers our websites are located on resides in Birmingham UK so very local.